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Introduce ourselves with a visual story, slideshow (

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Listen to our Presentation: ATIApreso PM.mp3


Photo Collage of Student Learning and Examples (Flip Video on CD)


Beth Goodwin Tell your story with pictures and music using Animoto http://animoto.com/


  Snow Tracks 2010   http://animoto.com/play/wPMqr1sDMofKELaRr1BpKw

Men at Work II    http://animoto.com/play/rFwj70RFOv0NzwrXZgiOyw

Getting to Orlando http://animoto.com/play/F7GKxmSO05B8A1bG1yFH8w



Beth's website https://sites.google.com/a/k12wocsd.net/special-ed-consultant/home


Cheryl Oakes 

Make your own collage  http://www.photovisi.com/



Blog    http://learningcafe-doortothefuture.blogspot.com

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Learning-Cafe-Door-to-the-Future/143027879070492


1. Intro us 2.Purpose 3. History  4. Vision Scafe 5. Moodle Skill of Week/Syllabus 6. Reality Student Day 7. Design a toolkit 8. Questions




2011 ATIA Orlando Conference

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